Who we are

LTPARTNERS is an independent firm founded in 2012 by a group of lawyers, tax advisors and accountants who have long and vast experience in legal and tax advisory services, at both national and international level, acquired in leading Italian and foreign law and tax consulting firms.


The Firm has offices in Rome and in Padua.

What we offer

Our Firm’s philosophy is that of an active and dynamic organization, able to offer to its clients a broad and structured range of legal and tax services and assistance, while at the same time preserving the direct relationship based on trust, and the high-quality, personalized and cost-effective services that distinguish the boutique law firms.
In this way, we are able to respond flexibly and effectively to the expectations of the constantly evolving economic and business contexts, as well as to provide our clients – be they multinationals, small or medium-sized companies, based in Italy or abroad – with prompt and tailor-made services, customized to their specific needs and requirements.

Why choose us

Choosing us means approaching a firm with a strong international orientation and focuses on providing – through the work of its multilingual group of professionals – legal and tax consulting and assistance services to Italian companies operating in international markets, as well as to multinational and foreign companies interested in investing in Italy.
Convinced, as we are, that the integration of individual expertise and the strengthening of internal and external synergies are crucial for providing legal assistance, competitive and of high quality, we have over the years established and developed steady and strong relationships with leading foreign law firms, maintaining though an independent position that allows us to work freely also with any foreign legal advisors selected by our clients.
In the area of taxation, at both national and international level, with particular focus on tax planning related to extraordinary corporate transactions, LTPartners, in addition to the skills of the internal tax advisors, has developed steady relationships with other domestic and foreign professionals specialized in this area, who can effectively back up the Firm’s legal advisors in providing comprehensive assistance and advice to the clients.