Legale Practies

Mergers and Acquisitions – Private Equity

Our Firm assists its clients, both as buyers and sellers, in merger and acquisition transactions in various business and industrial sectors, both in Italy and abroad, from the initial planning stages and due diligence through drafting and negotiating sets of contracts, including financial agreements with credit institutions (corporate and acquisition finance), to implementation and completion of the deal.
In connection with the above listed activities, we also advise clients operating in the private equity and venture capital sector, also with regard to leveraged buy out operations and start-up investments, also dealing with antitrust and competition issues both at national and international level.
To this effect, our Rome office – in addition to its other activities – collaborates closely with the Ministries, the public administration departments, and the regulatory and supervisory authorities.

Corporate Law

We provide our clients with assistance and advice with regard to both incorporation of the companies and ordinary and extraordinary transactions thereof, with particular focus on:
– selection of the most appropriate corporate vehicle and drafting of the relevant by-laws;
– advice to shareholders on the appropriate steps to take;
– drafting of shareholders’ agreements;
– legal and tax due diligence;
– transfer and acquisition of shares;
– purchase, sale and lease of business assets;
– creation and management of joint ventures;
– mergers, spin-offs and equity transactions;
– transmissions between generations and business inheritance agreements;
– insolvency and winding-up procedures.

Insolvency and Restructuring

We provide our clients with assistance and advise on all issues relating to insolvency problems, winding-up and bankruptcy procedures, corporate restructuring plans and debt restructuring, also in accordance with the Bankruptcy Law.

Legal office outsorcing

We offer support to the internal legal department of national and foreign companies, other entities and public administrations, as well as outsourcing management of the legal function in companies that do not have an internal legal office, both on specific projects and on an ongoing basis.
In addition, the partners of our firm operate as external general counsel, assisting the administrative body and the top managers (C-suite) of their clients in strategic decisions involving legal and economic assessments.

Banking and Finance

Our Firm offers legal assistance in relation to acquisition and corporate finance, project finance, real estate finance and other financing operations, both in the structuring of the operation, and in the negotiation and drafting of contracts.

Business Contracts

Our Firm assists its clients in negotiating and drafting all types of business contracts and agreements, both at national and international level.

Real Estate

We offer to our clients legal assistance at all stages of various real estate transactions and investments in commercial property.

Labor Law

We provide our clients with legal advice on proper and efficient application of law at all stages of employment from hiring to firing, including the draft of contracts and incentive plans and the management of disputes that arise from employment relationships.

Industrial and Intellectual Property

Our Firm provides legal advice and assistance, during both litigation and pre-litigation processes, in the areas of management, exploitation and protection of industrial and intellectual property rights (such as trademarks and distinguishing signs, domain names, patents and designs, utility models, protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications, trade secrets and know-how), unfair competition and copyright protection.

International and EU law

Our Firm provides its assistance to Italian and foreign clients in a variety of legal relations – whether of a corporate or commercial nature, or concerning individual or family matters-  that have multinational implications and involve  issues specifically relating to private and procedural international law, such as the determination of the applicable law and the jurisdictional competence. In this context, LT Partners can offer legal advice and assistance to corporations and business entities – in all sectors of international commercial law, from contracts, to EU compliance, from extraordinary cross-border transactions, to the establishment of joint ventures and permanent organizations in Italy and abroad – as well as to private individuals – in relation, for example, to cross-border successions and international family law, with particular reference to issues regarding marriages and divorces between Italian and foreign citizens, the custody of the children of parents of different nationalities or residing abroad, the surrogate motherhood carried out by Italian couples abroad, etc.
Thanks to the specific experience gained by its professionals in the field of international and European litigation and to the consolidated synergies established with major foreign law firms, both in Europe and worldwide, LT Partners assists its clients in a large array of civil and commercial transnational disputes before the Italian courts and the courts of other states, as well as in proceedings for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements and foreign arbitration awards, international arbitrations, judicial cases at the Court of Justice of the European Union and other international courts.

Food law

Our firm provides legal consultancy and litigation assistance to Italian and foreign companies engaged in the production and marketing of food products, wine and other beverages, with regard to compliance with regulations – currently mostly originating from the EU legislation –  in the field of labeling, hygiene and safety, self-control systems , use and wrongful appropriation of geographical denominations PDO, DOC and PGI, active and passive food counterfeiting actions and any other food law-related matters.


Our Firm assists and advises its clients at the stage of contract drafting (in order to prevent – to the extent possible – any subsequent dispute between the parties), at the pre-litigation stage (in order to inform the client and enable him/her to take a deliberate decision based on a thorough evaluation of the costs and benefits that arise from a litigation process), as well as in case of  disputes before either civil or administrative courts, special authorities, EU or foreign jurisdictions (in this latter case with the support and assistance of our local colleagues).
In particular, our lawyers have developed extensive expertise in the following areas of dispute resolution:
– disputes related to local and international contracts and agreements;
– disputes related to company and corporate law;
– disputes related to antitrust and competition;
– disputes related to banking law;
 – disputes related to labor law;
– disputes related to real estate;
– disputes related to industrial and intellectual property;
– debt recovery and credit enforcement both at national and international level.


Our Firm has gained significant experience in both national and international arbitration proceedings for resolution of all types of commercial disputes.
Some of our lawyers have also served as arbitrators in both domestic and international arbitration proceedings.

Competition Law, Consumer Law and E-Commerce

Considering the growing importance and influence of the EU legislation in various sectors, we advise our clients on national and EU competition law issues, on drafting and submitting notifications of concentration transactions to the European Commission and to the relevant national authorities, as well as on issues related to abuse of dominant position, anti-competitive agreements and misleading advertising.
Furthermore, we assist with consumer law and e-commerce issues by drafting corporate policies to be published on web sites and by advising our clients on proceedings initiated by consumers before the Competition Authority.


We assist our clients in the area of personal data protection by drafting privacy policies, also on use of cookies online, and by filing notifications of personal data processing with the Data Protection Authority.
Furthermore, we advise on administrative liability of entities (Legislative Decree n. 231/2001) and on organisation and management models.

Public Law

Public administration offices (State administration, local administration authorities, public companies, agencies and entities of National Health Service, ministerial agencies, and independent authorities) deal with individuals and corporations on a regular basis.
The proper engagement in the decision-making processes of public administration and the knowledge of peculiar aspects of dealing with it allow effective protection of both the client’s interests and those of the public administration, which are not necessarily conflicting.
Due to their specific expertise developed also through performing duties for the local authorities and public entities, our professionals provide their clients with all necessary assistance in order to ensure proper initiation of administrative proceedings at the request of a private subject and effective engagement in such proceedings, both through access to documents and through drawing up observations and briefs with a view to a final decision to be taken.
In particular, we offer legal assistance to our clients, also in disputes before the administrative courts (Regional Administrative Courts, Council of State, Court of Auditors), in the area of public procurement, passenger transport by bus (also under conditions of free market), urban planning and construction.