Tax Practices


Tax consulting services

LTPartners is capable of providing its clients with a full range of advisory and assistance services in the area of taxation, with particular regard to:
– advice and opinions;
– tax planning in relation to corporate and personal income taxes, VAT and other indirect taxes;
– assistance with starting up businesses, corporate restructuring and other extraordinary transactions;
– advice on financial statements in line with the applicable civil and tax law;
– assistance to clients before tax offices.
Furthermore, our professionals specialize in advising public health entities (National Health Service, local health authorities, public hospitals), local authorities and other public entities on tax and accounting issues.


International tax planning

International tax planning is essential for groups operating on a global basis.
Our international tax experts, with the support of our network, are able to provide multinational clients and international investors with innovative global proposals and solutions for their cross­ border businesses.


Tax due diligence

In conjunction with extraordinary corporate transactions (such as mergers and acquisitions or transfer of shares), our Firm can perform for its clients all necessary due diligence activities concerning the tax situation of companies and groups, with particular regard to:
– the correct interpretation and application of both ordinary and extraordinary applicable tax laws;
– the assessment of tax risks;
– the identification of potential liabilities;
– the adoption of all measures necessary for compliance with any new regulations, as well as for remedy of any prior irregularities, using the opportunities provided by law.

Tax Audits and Litigation

We assist our clients in dealing with assessment procedures carried out by tax offices and in any subsequent litigation before the Tax Commissions, as well as before the Supreme Court.
The Firm specializes in tax litigation for public health entities (National Health Service, local health authorities, public hospitals), local authorities and other public entities.

Taxation in the Public Administration

In recent years, interest in public sector taxation has grown significantly.
The process of corporatization of the Public Administration has determined, both for tax law operators and for the Financial Administration itself, a progressive shift of attention from the public entity as an “active entity” in the tax relationship (entity to which the law recognizes the right to demand taxes) to that of a “taxable entity”, which – like a commercial company – is subject to direct and indirect taxation (with particular regard to VAT), and is required to fulfil formal and substantial obligations, albeit with the numerous peculiarities that characterize the taxation of the Public Administration sector.
In this changed context, people dealing with this sector must therefore pay particular attention both to the demands of the Tax Offices and to the ever-continuous supervision of the judges of Court of Auditors (“Corte dei Conti”).
The correct management of the Public Administration taxation is therefore assuming an increasingly central and, in some ways, even strategic role in the management of a public entity, becoming a variable able to affect significantly the economic and financial aspects of the entity.
In this constantly evolving scenario, LTPartners has gained twenty years of experience in assisting Public Administration bodies and is able to offer a 360-degree advice both on fiscal, accounting, civil and corporate matters, and on the ordinary and extraordinary management phases of the public entity.
Our approach is to address the issues balancing the needs for theoretical investigation of tax, civil and corporate matters, with the practical viewpoint required by the company management or by the operators who daily deal with the most recurring issues in this area.
Our Firm is specialized in continuous assistance for the provision of the following services: consultancy and opinions in the interpretation of tax, accounting, civil and corporate legislation in relation to ordinary and extraordinary operations of the public entity; consultancy for the purposes of direct taxation and social security contributions of employees and collaborators of the entity; consultancy in the management of international taxation; assistance in determining taxes, drafting of rulings, audits of the tax office, tax assessments also in relation with the Revenue Agency or local authorities; representation and defence of the entity in tax litigation; drafting and sending of all tax returns, assistance in the drafting of the institutional financial statements of the entity and in the drafting of the financial statements for the separate commercial activities of the entity, implementation of the separate fiscal accounting system; constant updating on the main fiscal innovations concerning the Public Administration; drafting of specific schedules regarding the main obligations of the entity, practices with the competent chambers of commerce.
LTPartners therefore is a valid point of reference for all entities belonging to the Public Administration which, in consideration of the size of the entity, of the importance of the transactions carried out and of the complexity of the tax legislation in continuous evolution, decide to reduce tax risks through external tax advisors.